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 TBS Cover Editor V2.6

KapoorZone Software – Creating a cover shaped like a dvd or book three dimensions requires creation and editing are quite complicated, indeed it can be made in corel draw or photoshop, which certainly must make a friend of initial perusal.

TBSCoverEditorisan applicationthatmakes it easy tomakefriendsHSinboxpicturebook/cdcoverandthis applicationalreadyincludes theavailabletemplatesthat are providedso thatmy friend willbe easierwithout having tocreatefrom scratchandjustreplace the imageof theboxcoverthat will be created.

This applicationis suitableforKapoorZonefriendwhooften shareabookorevenan applicationthatmade the cover ofthe boxwith ease.

Download TBS Cover Editor V2.6



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