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Bandicam Bandicam Serial Key screen recorder ensures that a specific computer is recorded on a computer screen or its program should use DirectX / OpenGL graphics technologies.

This video helps a video recorder with high compression proportion, keeping it close to the original task, and performs more than other programs that perform similar functions.

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Recording screen/game recording software.

  •     Support PCM and MPEG-1 Layer II audio coded.
  •     MJPEG video codec H.264, Xvid, MPEG-4.
  •     MP4 Video Format Support AVI.
  •     H.264 improves performance recording using incandescent hardware.
  •     WOW, Minecraft, webcam and computer screen recording.
  •     Compatible Video Coded VBR MPEG-4/1 mode.

It can provide high-speed hardware for the H.264 encoder

  •     H.264 Video Encoder Intel® Quick Sync.
  •     NVIDIA® CUDA Encoder / H.264 NVENC.
  •     H.264 Encoder AMD app.

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Photo capture and video games

  •     Support BMP, PNG, and JPEG image formats.
  •     Continuous image capture.

Frame Rate Control (FPS Management)

  •   FPS Overlay (FPS Show) Limit / FPS

Main Features:

  •     Bandicam can record game recorder programs / OpenGL and DirectX frames (front replacement, better than grape®).
  •     You can record more than 24 hours (Full automatic recording function can be used).
  •     You can change recorded file without YouTube (720p / 1080p full HD video can be created).
  •     The size of the file entered is smaller than the other software.
  •     You can record 4K ultra-HD video with resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 pixels in size.
  •     You will experience a lot of barriers from other caption software games (very low CPUs / GPUs / HDDs).

Bandicam 4.0.2 Build 1352 Full Version Serial Key Download



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